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4:18 AM
Error codes washing machines Samsung

E 1 - Set of water produced with an error (detects the water level in the tank)  - Do not fill with water.

E 2 - Error during draining water from the machine - One reason: the blockage of the drain filter, or pump failure.

E 3 - The system is fixed overflow with water when the machine set - Within 2 minutes the automatic drain is included

DE, DOOR - Door locked problem - Possible cause - not closed the door

E 4 - The total weight of the loaded laundry items do not meet the specifications of the selected mode.

E5, E6 - The error caused during the heating of water

E6 - points directly to the problem of heating equipment

E 7 - Error testing the water level sensor in the tank of the washing machine.

E 8 - The problem caused by the temperature acquired by the water and its heating in accordance with the selected program. Most likely faulty heater.

E 9 - System washing machine fixed water leak Possible cause: more than 4 times in a row drain water to a safe level was produced by the system.

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