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Error codes dishwasher Bosch

E01 - in the power system failure.

All codes E01, E02, E03, E04 and E05 indicate a problem with the power supply module.

E06 - Problems with the door lock (contactor) - It is necessary to check the door switch

E07 - Problem drying fan - Fan drying is defective or does not work.

E08 - Low levels of water in the tank

E09 - Error heating element (defective heater)

E10 - flow sensor error (weak flow of water can lead to overheating of the heating element)

E11 - NTC thermistor faulty Faulty wiring or safety thermostat

E13 - Too high a temperature at the inlet of the system exceeds 75 ˚ C

If the dishwasher is connected to hot water, this error may indicate a temperature sensor fault or temperature is too high.

E14 - Faulty water meter sensor (reed switch) - Perhaps the pressure of the water supply system is too high

E15 - Water based - AQUASTOP system has been activated. It is necessary to remove the cause of water leakage.

E16 - Faulty inlet valve. - Do not fill with water. You need to check the inlet valve (Aquastop).

E17 - High water level - is necessary to check the water meter.

E18 - The water level is too low - you need to check the water supply valve.

E20 - Faulty circulating pump. - Short circuit or open circuit in the pump coil.

E21 - The circulation pump lock. - This is due to clogging or the weak pressure of the water circulation pump.

E22 - The control module does not "see" the drain pump. Faulty pump, wiring or control module.

E23 - Faulty drainage pump. - Short circuit or open drain pump coil.

E24 - water drain error. - Necessary filters and check the drain hose. Faulty pump

E25 - The drain pump is blocked, or the pump cover is missing

E26 - Faulty water flow switch.

E28 - Sensor fault turbidity (akvasensor)

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