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Breakdown of washing machines

All cases of damage to the washing machine can be divided into common and rare. How do they differ is clear from the title. In 90% of cases of departure for repair wizard faces it with typical faults. With that, they are typical for machines of all brands and types. This is understandable - the working conditions and the design of all machines are very similar. Of course, they have a place to be and "branded" breakage, but logically attributed to the second category.

All that do not fall into the above 90% can rightly be considered a failure atypical cases. This failure is attributed to the fault of the owner, factory defects and flaws in the assembly. The most complex faults - "floating". This is when the machine "that works, does not work." Identification and elimination of "crickets" only by a qualified technician to repair washing machines with a wealth of experience.

And now enumerate the basic fault of the washing machine, which testify to malfunction and require the intervention of the owner or a specialist:

Not hot water

In the operating manual of the device is given a number of reasons for this phenomenon, but in practice it's simple. In 95% of cases - it is the failure of the heating element. More than can be explained by such a failure of the washing machine - not hot water because of impulse food chain PETN. As a rule, just otgorela terminal. The "machines" of certain brands is not a rare phenomenon.

The rest of 2 - 3% of the cases occur in "exotic" - faulty sensors and the failure of the control unit.

The washing machine does not fill with water

Once it is received, then there is no pressure in the system. The reason for this often becomes covered with tap water pipe that feeds the machine. The culprit may be a faulty valve. There is a variant with a defective control unit, but this is not common.

If the error pops up some time after the set, and some powder still washed away - it makes sense to clean the filter.

Note: The closed valve is clear. With the filter cleaning is quite possible to cope on their own.

Washing machine immediately drain

There are two options. First - it samosliv. That is, the water is discharged immediately after dialing. The reason for this phenomenon - improper connection to the sewer. Samosliv can take place immediately after the connection, and may disturb some time later. Everything depends on the features of sewage and its type. The second option is fraught with trouble. If draining occurs some time after the program has started, it means that there is a malfunction.

Note: In the first case, just need to properly connect the machine to the sewer. In the second call the master, with no options.

Under the washing machine water

If you make the top causes of this phenomenon, the lead will ... wash curtains. Exactly. The fact that the powder is strongly foaming during this operation. Meanwhile, the curtains almost do not absorb water, but the whipped foam is good. Foam is formed so much that it starts to leak out through the technological holes in the washing machine system. The foam is converted into water, it scares the owner of their presence under the machine.

The second most popular reason - leaking pipe, a gust hatch cuff and a bad laying of the supply water hose. Well, a rare phenomenon - the flow of the drum.

Note: the replacement of the gasket of the supply hose itself and the owner can handle (if it finds a suitable gasket), but everything else will have to contact the webmaster.

Washing machine does not drain

How long have cleaned the drain filter? If the answer to this question is difficult to give - you can try to do it now.

If the filter is not and, therefore, it is necessary to replace the cost of the drain pump. By the way, it's possible he broke down due to clogged filter.

Note: The filter and all will be as it should be drained should be cleaned regularly.

Washing machine not included

Perhaps its just no one stuck in the socket, or knocked out automatic protection, which was wrongly chosen. If it's all right, it means that the control unit has failed. In rare cases, the reason lies in the line filter malfunction.

Note: Again, you need to properly connect the machine to the network. In the case of a suspected fault block, call the master.

Washing machine taps

The cause of increased noise machines can be it a design feature. If you start knocking "suddenly", then the following options:

Ingestion tank obstructions.

Laundry is not evenly distributed over the drum, resulting in an imbalance occurred. This often occurs when washing linen.

The failure of the bearings.

Improper installation of the machine.

Note: It is better to call a specialist, if nothing serious, do not worry and. But if the case is in trouble, it is important to detect and eliminate it as soon as possible.

Here, in principle, and the entire list of the main faults of the washing machine, which occur more often. About broken pens, caps, buttons and displays I say nothing - does not happen often, and requires an individual approach to repair.

On the machine there is something that is not described above? Call us, we solve your problems.

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