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Why can't you turn on the refrigerator immediately after delivery

Why can't you turn on the refrigerator immediately after delivery, transportation?
What can happen to him?
After how many hours can I turn on the refrigerator after transportation?
What you need to know when buying and transporting equipment?

Buying a new refrigerator causes a lot of positive emotions for the hostess. I want to test new equipment faster in practice, to make sure that I have made the right choice. Experts say that there is no need to rush to turn on the refrigeration unit after delivery to your home. In order for the device not to fail in the near future, it needs to be given a few hours to settle.

Today we will talk about the possible risks of turning on the refrigerator at the wrong time. You will learn why the settling time is different in winter and summer. Let's tell you how many hours a refrigerator should stand after a different type of transportation.


Why can't you turn on the refrigerator immediately after delivery? This is an exciting question. But since the refrigerator is a complex technique, and there is a refrigerant in the cooling circuits, during transportation it can spread and mix with the oil from the motor, and this leads to the inevitable breakdown of equipment that has not even been unpacked.

The instruction attached to the equipment necessarily contains recommendations for the transportation and maintenance of the device. Do not be lazy to carefully study it before testing, and then the first time you turn it on, you will be able to avoid many unpleasant consequences.

When to turn on the refrigerator depends on the temperature outside and the method of transportation. The point is the fluids that fill the internal system. During loading and transportation, liquids change their location. If the refrigerator is not allowed to stand for several hours, the accumulation of liquids in one place and a deficiency in another will lead to the failure of the entire system. If the rules are not followed, the user may not understand that the purchased refrigerator was faulty initially. If the refrigerator was transported at sub-zero temperatures, the compressor oil becomes more viscous. It lubricates the details worse. The moving parts of the compressor run hard and wear out faster. There is a risk of damage.

There are some factors that allow you to connect a freshly delivered refrigerator to the network. Here are the main points to know and remember:

When transporting the device horizontally, it is necessary to wait about 16 hours, at least 8 hours, for the spilled oil to return back to the compressor.
The vertical transportation of the refrigerator, taking into account the warm temperature outside, allows you to turn on the device 2-4 hours after delivery.
Vertical transportation of the refrigerator in cold weather will allow the device to be connected to the network after 4-6 hours, so that during this time the condensate will evaporate when it warms up to room temperature.
5 useful tips

What you need to do during the delivery and transportation of the refrigerator:

Tip 1

If you followed the recommendations from the instructions for the device and the refrigerator works properly for two days after transportation, then no problems should arise in the future.

Tip 2

Check with the delivery service employees how the unit was transported. Manufacturers of modern refrigerators recommend transporting them strictly in an upright position or with a maximum inclination of 40 degrees.

In any case, wait at least 3-4 hours, and then plug the equipment into the network through an extension cord.

Tip 3

If you transported the refrigerator yourself or delivered it in a horizontal position, it would be better if it stays for at least a day with the doors and drawers open (as in the photo).

Tip 4

If the first inclusion was successful and the refrigerator can be used, do not try to fill all its compartments to the maximum.

How long does it take for the refrigerator to get cold after defrosting? It is impossible to say very individually and precisely, but let the device “gain cold” without overloading the motor.

Tip 5

If you are concerned about the question of how to wash a new refrigerator before turning it on, then preference should be given to a mild soapy solution and a slightly damp soft cloth.


A new refrigerator is a technique whose price can be indecently high, and if handled carelessly, even a new device can cost a pretty penny to repair. In order not to spoil the impression of the purchase and not to break it with your own hands, you should follow the manufacturer's recommendations and the tips indicated above.

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