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Why can't you put hot food in the fridge?

Why can't you put hot food in the fridge?

Why can't you put hot food in the refrigerator? What problems can occur because of this, and lead to costly repairs to your refrigerator. How can hot soup, water, food harm the operation of the refrigerator?

Today we will talk about the consequences that hot food in the refrigerator can lead to. It would seem that the refrigerator is just designed to cool food. But in fact, household refrigerators are designed to store perishable food, and the temperature of the food placed in the refrigerator should be equal to room temperature.

Why You Shouldn't Put Hot Foods in the Refrigerator

1 excessive consumption of electricity during operation, the refrigerator does not produce cold, but removes heat through the radiator. At the same time, electricity costs occur. The higher the temperature inside the refrigerator, the more often the compressor will turn on. And if we put it hot in the refrigerator, it will start to work more intensively .This increases the energy consumption.

2 risk of damage in modern refrigerators, the shelves are made of glass and plastic edging. When you put a hot pan on a glass shelf, you run the risk of being left with a cracked shelf from a sudden temperature drop. Also, when touching hot plastic, it can deform.

3 rapid wear of parts if we put a hot dish in the refrigerator, we must understand that the temperature in the refrigerator rises and the compressor starts to work with a greater load. Intensive motor operation can last from 1 to 3 hours. With increased load, the motor wears out faster, which is significant may affect its service life. In addition, it may also: a light bulb burn out, a freon line breaks, the fan fails

4, a snow “coat” is formed on the walls if you put a hot pan without a lid in the refrigerator, moisture (steam) will intensively evaporate from it. The steam then settles on the back wall of the refrigerator and freezes, forming a “fur coat”. Because of such a coat, the refrigerator begins to absorb heat poorly. This is fraught with wear and tear of equipment and excessive consumption of electricity.

5 lost warranty If your refrigerator is under warranty and out of order, you can contact the warranty workshop. But if it is out of order due to the placement of hot products in it, then you may be denied warranty service. your refrigerator has been running for a long time with the door open.

When can you put hot food in the fridge?
In some models of refrigerators it is really possible to put hot dishes. But only if they have sealed chambers for hot dishes or compartments for quick freezing.

Hot food chambers protect the main compartment from hot air entering it. Due to this, negative effects can be avoided. But there will be an overexpenditure of electricity, albeit a small one.

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