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The refrigerator does not turn off,

The refrigerator does not turn off, possible causes and what to do.
Almost every house now has refrigeration equipment. We can no longer imagine a comfortable life without a refrigerator, and when the unit breaks down, it becomes an unpleasant surprise for us. A serviceable unit operates in cycles of 12-20 minutes, that is, the motor rests for at least an hour 3-4 times. One of the signs of a refrigerator breakdown is its continuous operation. If the refrigerator does not turn off, this does not necessarily mean that it is faulty. There are reasons that are easy to fix on your own. you should seek help from a specialist.

Reasons that you can eliminate yourself if the refrigerator does not turn off for a long time:

1 incorrect installation of the refrigerator When the refrigerator was installed, they did not take care of the air space between the unit and the wall. The refrigerator may have been placed near the radiator or in a room with a very high temperature. As a result, the compressor may overheat, work with a greater load and, accordingly, it will not turn off for rest.

2 the refrigerator door is ajar A very commonplace option, but it has a place in everyday life. Perhaps you yourself did not completely close the doors, or a bottle or plate standing in the refrigerator prevents the door from closing. You may ask how this is connected with the unit not turning off? All very elementary warm air penetrates inside, and the motor tries to lower the temperature inside the refrigerator and starts continuous operation.

3 super-freeze or fast cooling mode is on. Always make sure that you do not accidentally set the unit to a mode in which it will work without stopping.

The main malfunctions requiring repair by a specialist

1 failed thermostat or temperature sensor

2 door seal damage

3 refrigerant leak from the system

4 compressor failure

5 clogged capillary tube

6 failure of the control module

Here we have provided a list of the most popular malfunctions, in the event of which the refrigerator constantly works without stopping, and it can even cool slightly. We draw your attention to the fact that if the equipment works for a long time without interruption and you do not take repair measures, the compressor will soon fail, which will entail a more expensive repair! It is better to do everything on time, because. sometimes if the cooling process does not turn off, it is enough just to replace the thermostat or rearrange the case from the heat.

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