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The refrigerator does not close - what is it?

The refrigerator does not close - what is it?

Zvichno d_stavshi products from the refrigerator, did you see that the doors are not fastened? Possibly, after one hour, the sensor gives a signal about those doors that are open. Every time you try to close the refrigerator, you will not be successful, you need to find out the cause of the malfunction. There may be such a situation: the doors, at first glance, are fastened shut, but the products in the refrigerator began to dry up, and the unit itself often overheats.

Such a vipadok - led to overturn the door to the robot. For whom to take a special sheet of zoshita and press on the door of the refrigerator. If it closed up, it means that the unit was leaking hermetic, if it didn’t - the gap was in the new one.

Such a nachebto non-serious breakdown can lead to even more summative losses. By lowering the degree in the refrigerator compartment, all the products that are saved can be fully stored. Also, it is not difficult to overheat and burn out due to the transcendental ambition of the engine, or to get out of tune with other knots of the butt fitting.

At the first signs of inadequacy, it is negligent to ascertain the reason that brought it to her. You can work independently, but you can’t get by without the help of fahivtsiv.

If the reason is not due to a breakdown?

Do not hurry to beat on a flash, turn your back, chi is not the reason for blaming "incorrectness" your power of disrespect.

- Turn over, perhaps, a third-party object is stuck between the doors and the body, so the stench is not curled up. As it is, it’s enough to put in a jumper and calm down.

- Look, the handle of the ladle does not close the door, what to wash, or the pan is hanging down. Try to make a small rearrangement on the police and more compactly arrange the “meshkantsiv” of the refrigeration kingdom.

- For the help of a budіvelny rіvnya, the technique was installed as far as possible. A small opening is only allowed back, otherwise the doors will be quite open. Try to fix the shoes for the renewal of the eve.

- The doors are overwhelmed. Another reason why the doors do not close through the yak is overwhelming. Move a part of the products that are on the shelves of the doors, and there is a new practice.

Why blame the problems with the doors

If the doors of the refrigerator are not fixed, note that you can open them for the presence of the alarm sensor. Snow and ice on the walls of the cell to talk about the uninterrupted operation of the engine. Refrigerator helps to compensate for the heat of the day, so it is used to wear out. Do not varto check the traces, it is better to put the defect in the right place.

Main problems:

1 Brudny gorge. Gum's gasket around the perimeter is needed in order to mitigate the device. Often there is a magnet in the middle of the empty hum, so that the doors fit and, again, the call did not exactly fit in the middle. As if it’s not a militant detail for a long time, fatty deposits will inevitably accumulate on it, and otherwise, the gum does not stick to the walls, as before. Just take a bite

2. Right in the valley. Gum's cuff was worn out and leaked in the hour; she got wandered, also sticks badly to the hull. Problems are blamed for the narrowing, as the doors often open or they caress strongly when closed.

3 The door hinges were broken near the refrigerator (the paper is not fixed anywhere and it is free to pass on all three sides of the door). The problem is fixed by adjusting the door hinges.

4 Worn rozpіrny element, yaky znahoditsya at the bottom of the door. Zavdyaki youmu feels smoother than that closed chamber. Shards of plastic rosette, it could have gone wrong.

5 Deformed doors. Do not fit the doors of the refrigerator along the entire perimeter, if the stench itself warped or poshkodzhenі. Abo you are supernaturally navantazhuєte її products. At the same time, visually, you can not notice the poshkodzhennya, on the new one, you can show only a small gap and a small peroxide at the same time.

As the unit is equipped with a special sensor, which controls the thickening of the closing of the doors, there is another reason: in the moment it is wrong and give false reports about those that the doors of the refrigerator are not closed.

How to get rid of breakdowns?

It is recommended to follow simple rules:

- Do not creak the door when it is closed, as it will break the tightness of the seal.

- It is not necessary to open the camera immediately after it has been closed. In the middle, there is a drop in the vice, to which it sticks stronger to the body. If you open the refrigerator, there are microcracks on the cuff.

-Before defrosting, clean the cuff as described above.

- Do not overwhelm the police doors, otherwise you will lead to skew.

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