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The appearance of noise during the operation of the refrigerator

The appearance of noise during the operation of the refrigerator.

Causes and remedies for noise.
Manufacturers very often promise silent operation of equipment, but not a single unit can work completely silently. According to GOST, the permissible noise level during refrigerator operation is allowed up to 55 dB. Is it not noisy, does it work loudly, is it noisy or does it rattle?

If the new refrigerator is buzzing

- it is necessary to make sure that the transport bolts are removed. They are necessary to fix the compressor spring. If they are not removed, the refrigerator will hum very strongly during operation.

- give the refrigerator time to enter the normal operating cycle. To stabilize the temperature in the chambers, the refrigerator needs a certain time

- check the correct installation of the refrigerator. The sound of the refrigerator may increase if it touches any objects (furniture, walls). Remember, for normal operation, you must leave a gap of 5 cm.

- the correct loading of the refrigerator. Sometimes additional noise is emitted by metal, glass containers that are in contact with each other.

- a rumble at the start of the motor. This is the norm, since when starting the motor, a large starting current is required to start the rotor.

If you hit all the points mentioned above, and the refrigerator is still buzzing loudly, then there is some kind of problem that the refrigerator declares to everyone. You will need to seek help from specialists

When noise is a sign of failure

1 compressor noise There is a possibility that the compressor has worn out. The rings or their pistons may have worn out. As a result, loud operation occurs when the worn components are working, most likely the compressor motor will need to be replaced

2 the noise becomes louder at the beginning and end of the motor. This noise is caused by the weakening of the springs-shock absorbers of the motor-compressor. At the moments of starting and stopping, a jerk occurs, so the noise increases.

3 the refrigerator makes sounds that are not characteristic of it. Interruptions in the operation of the starting relay are possible, sometimes due to oxidation of the contacts of the electrical network.

4 refrigerator with no-frost system, a rattle, rustle is heard. A very common occurrence is the appearance of an ice crust around the fan, and during operation it beats against this ice crust with its blades, which is why the rattle is heard. It is necessary to defrost the refrigerator compartment for 10-12 hours (with the refrigerator doors open), and if the problem reappears after a while, then the evaporator heater or door tightness should be checked. If this problem is not resolved in time, then further use of the faulty refrigerator will lead to a breakdown of the fan motor, so it will also have to be replaced.

In addition to noise, quite often refrigerators are accused of "gurgling", "creaking" and "clicking". In most cases, these sounds are associated with the normal operation of the refrigerator and are caused by movement through the refrigerant system or by compression and expansion of certain units of the unit. Well, if you understand that the noise is associated with a breakdown, call the wizard. Trying to get rid of the noise on your own is not the most reasonable solution. All malfunctions for which loud sounds are symptoms require professional intervention. The specialist will diagnose, finally clarify the cause of the breakdown and make repairs.

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