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Refrigerator won't turn off or freeze

Refrigerator won't turn off or freeze

The refrigerator is the most important type of equipment in the house. It is responsible for the freshness of the products, and therefore for our health. Therefore, it is so important that the refrigerator works without failures and breakdowns. But unfortunately, it does not always happen as we would like. Very often there is a situation when the refrigerator works constantly without shutting down and does not freeze at the same time. In good condition, the interval of operation of the refrigerator is 12-20 minutes. , but despite this, at least 1 time per hour, the refrigerator should turn off for rest. If you did not observe that the refrigerator turned off, this is a bell notifying that your refrigerator is not working correctly. If the refrigerator does not turn off for rest, the motor runs at its limit , therefore, it will quickly wear out and, as a result, its service life is reduced. This is not only not pleasant, but also very dangerous.

If the refrigerator does not turn off and does not freeze, you must first check:

whether there was a freon leak;
whether the system of the refrigerating unit is clogged;
Is the thermostat broken?

The refrigerator does not turn off and does not freeze: what to do before calling the wizard?

Before contacting the service, you can try and deal with an unpleasant problem yourself. Try to defrost the refrigerator and re-monitor its operation. It is worth noting that it takes more than a day to defrost the equipment so that the ice thaws in all hard-to-reach places. After defrosting, wash the equipment with soapy water, dry and connect to the mains.

Didn't manage to get rid of the problem? Rather, call an experienced refrigerator and call him. After a competent diagnosis, he will be able to find out why the refrigerator does not turn off and does not freeze. The master will offer the best option for its elimination and immediately get to work.

What can cause a breakdown

1 incorrect installation of the refrigerator

2 The equipment is old and the compressor or thermostat has worn out

3 the refrigerator door is not tightly closed

4 Pay attention to the "Defrost" button. It often happens that the user himself accidentally presses the button, thereby activating the defrost function.

Main malfunctions

Along with minor possible causes, you can independently identify more complex equipment malfunctions.

- The thermostat is out of order.

-Compressor broken

- Refrigerant has leaked from the system.

If the equipment does not cool, clogged capillaries supplying refrigerant may also be the cause. In these situations, it is also necessary to seek help from a specialist, since without certain equipment it will not be possible to push through the system.

Finally, I would like to note that the refrigerator malfunctions listed above can occur even in modern models with the know frost function and other additional parameters.

Need to get rid of a problem as soon as possible? Do not put off repairs in a long box, but call a specialist right now!

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