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How to choose a washing machine?

In terms frantic pace of modern life washing machine - an indispensable attribute of every home. Big Wash at the end of each week, which 15 years ago left a day off, now, thanks to this automatic assistants, takes from 15 minutes to 2.5 hours without too much physical effort on the part of man. How to choose a washing machine, what are the main features and functions it must have to meet you at 100%? Let's try to figure it out before you end up in a store of household appliances.
Before you make a purchase of a washing machine, it is necessary to determine the place where it will stand. This is important, because depend on it any size should be in the car.

To date, there are washing machines with two different load belya- vertical and frontal.
Washing machines with frontal load more common and cheaper than their vertical counterparts. The door they located from the facade, the drum rotation axis is parallel to the floor and they have a great variety in size, making it easier to choose an appropriate option.
First, you need to provide some amount of washing will, and the more often you have to be washed, the greater should be the volume of the machine to load a large amount of laundry at once.
Produced Especially small model, almost toy that can fit even in the bathroom sink.

Install and connect the washing machine should only specialists, it unconditionally. Washing machines pose a considerable burden on the household power, so it is best to hold a separate cable and install a socket with overload protection.
The washing machine may be connected to the pipe as the hot and cold water. On the one hand a connection to a hot water saves energy, which is spent on heating the water. However, hot water contains a lot of different impurities, which will damage the parts of the machine. In addition, if you disable the hot water (which is not such a rarity in our country), the machine will not wash quality, so it is a washing machine directly connected to the cold water.

Noise during the spin cycle in modern washing machines decreased considerably. Since the machine produces noise during the laundry spin it provided-protection options. For example, the wash program without any laundry in the spin, allowing to wash at night with the inclusion of spin mode directly in the moment when it is convenient mistress.
There are also a number of recommendations of experts, in order to reduce the vibration of the washing machine during the spin cycle the laundry. It:
- Installation of the washing machine only on a hard floor;
- Alignment and fixing legs of the machine during the installation, if the floor is not flat;
- If the floor is smooth tile, you need to put under the legs of the machine special rubber supports, so that it during the spin cycle is not "a walk";
- Reasonable loading laundry machine drum.
However washing machines are quite reliable in operation. Some manufacturers provide warranties for the smooth operation of its products up to 10 years. One needs only to observe the basic rules of operation of the washing machine and wash any program to use low-foaming detergents labeled "Automatic". Because, if you use the powder for hand washing, the foam from possible contact may be damaged electronic machine unit.
Speaking of electronic units that are equipped with all modern machines. They differ only control panels, which are always sufficiently informative, regardless of whether they have a display or they are only mechanical elements, selectors, touch buttons and indicators. However, the presence of the text display, more convenient, as it helps quickly detect and identify a fault.
Help to save and timers on the machines, which allow not only to transfer the laundry at a more convenient time, but also to produce it at night when electricity rates are much lower than daytime.
In short, the washing machines presented on the market today, have such technological capabilities that you just have to choose the perfect price Range, design and optimal set of wash programs.
Have fun shopping!

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