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Broken freezer or evaporator, what to do?

Broken freezer or evaporator, what to do?

The rhythm of life of a modern person is so high that you want to cope with any task as quickly as possible. Moreover, with such an uninteresting one as defrosting a refrigerator. When defrosting a refrigerator, some owners of this technique are armed with a knife to speed up the process. But it is dangerous to knock down ice with a knife: you can accidentally break through the wall of the freezer or refrigerator, or even damage the evaporator tube through which the refrigerant freon circulates. Do not worry, any situation is fixable - we will tell you what to do with a puncture.

The first and main question that worries the user is: will the refrigerator work if the freezer is pierced? Of course, it is better not to use equipment with a hole.

What to do if you pierced the freezer with a knife?

If you nevertheless pierced the freezer or evaporator, and did not notice it from the very beginning, then melt water may enter the channel. During the operation of the refrigerator, it will freeze, blocking the way for freon to the capillary tube. If all this happens, then the refrigerator is unlikely to freeze properly. By the way, we are not trying to accuse the owners of refrigerators of negligence - trouble can happen to anyone simply by negligence. But situations in life are different - maybe you needed to take something cold out of the freezer to attach it to a place where a hematoma could appear or another force majeure happened - this is life and this is normal. The main task now is to solve the problem with the evaporator so that the refrigerator can continue to function normally.

The first thing to do is to turn off the refrigerator from the network. Secondly, the need to find out the severity of the damage caused by a sharp object

There are two options here:

- Damaged cell with freon. It's not the best thing that could have happened, but it's a fixable case. Entrust the elimination of such a problem to the master - he will quickly restore the integrity of the pipeline.

- The evaporator channels remained undamaged. This means that only the thermal insulation layer of the chamber was pierced, and the cells with freon were not affected. We can assume that in this case you are lucky. You can solve this problem yourself. You can close the puncture with a low-temperature sealant or glue a plastic patch.

How do you know if the freon pipe is damaged?

If the knife is still stuck in the wall of the freezer, we recommend that you listen to the sounds that are being made.

1 if a hissing sound is heard, this means that the freon tube is damaged and your refrigerator is leaking freon

2 if there were no sounds, and the refrigerator began to freeze worse after it was defrosted, this also indicates a leak due to a possible breakdown of the evaporator. In a two-compressor refrigerator, only the freezer will not work, in a single-compressor refrigerator, both chambers will not work. In addition, refrigerators equipped with an audible alarm can notify you with a squeak when the temperature in the unit rises.

While waiting for the master to repair your refrigerator, do the following work:

- clean up your fridge

- seal the puncture with plasticine, chewing gum or adhesive tape, this will prevent moisture from entering the refrigerator system and save the life of the motor-compressor. This is very important to do, since even the smallest amount of moisture can disable the entire refrigerator.

- ventilate the room.

The order of work carried out in case of a hole in the freezer or evaporator:

1 Elimination of a hole in the freezer evaporator.

2 Replacing the filter drier.

3 Draining the water from the refrigeration circuit

4 Checking the tightness of the system.

5 Vacuuming the refrigerator.

6 Filling the system with freon.

7 Checking the refrigerator for performance.

Now you know what to do if you accidentally pierce the wall of the chamber (evaporator). The main thing is not to panic and take good care of your technique.

Repairing a freon leak in a refrigerator is a difficult task that should only be carried out by professional craftsmen. But most importantly, do not delay the repair! Give us a call today and we'll help you fix your refrigerator problem!

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