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Breakdown and replacement of the refrigerator compressor

Breakdown and replacement of the refrigerator compressor
The refrigerator abruptly stopped working, you don’t hear a uniform buzz and the sounds of a starting engine? This means that the compressor of the refrigerator is faulty and does not work.

The motor-compressor is not just a functional unit of any refrigerator, but also the heart of your refrigeration unit, the most important part, without which the cooling process will not occur. A broken engine is a frequent breakdown, since a number of factors play against the compressor - improper operation, time, intensity of work, and power outages.

The purpose of the compressor is to distill the liquid refrigerant through special pipes of the refrigerator's cooling system. At the same time, it is the compressor that is the most expensive part. Sometimes repairs will cost more than just replacing them. In addition, there is no guarantee that a breakdown will not happen again. And therefore, as a rule, they prefer to simply replace the compressor. But it’s not enough just to dismantle the old motor and install a new one in its place. Almost always, this requires, for example, the replacement of a filter-drier, and often also the connecting tubes.

Why is the refrigerator compressor not working?

There are several main reasons why the motor fails:

1 failure of the thermostat. This manifests itself in the form that the signal about the incorrect temperature mode is not received. In the event of a malfunction in the temperature controller, repair or its complete replacement will be required.

2 Start relay failure. A failed relay leads to the fact that the motor cannot start, because they are interconnected. How to check the refrigerator start relay? Quite simply, the first step is to remove the relay cover, disconnect it and check the resistance of the contacts with a multimeter. If this is the case, then the relay will need to be repaired or replaced.

3 Defrost button stuck. When the button is lit, the work is slowed down. The unit system does not turn on the cooling and the motor does not start. The button needs to be repaired or replaced.

further problems with the motor itself

4 The compressor winding is broken. If the refrigerator does not turn on, sometimes this may indicate an open circuit in the compressor windings. When the unit is turned on, the blower stops working, and the temperature regime of the unit corresponds to room values.

5 Turn-to-turn short circuit. When the compressor starts for no more than 1 minute, and the case becomes very hot, an inter-turn short circuit has probably occurred. Moreover, the winding turns are closed, their resistance is minimal, and a high current passes through the relay unit. Turning off the supercharger produces a relay - you can hear a click. After the start relay has cooled down, the compressor will restart. Such processes go in circles.

6 Valve problems. Loss of refrigeration performance is often associated with valve problems. As a result, the equipment works non-stop and does not form the desired compression level. Thus, the blocks of equipment will not reach the required temperature. Often in this situation, you can hear a foreign ringing of metal parts during the operation of the refrigerator. This is determined by determining the degree of air supply. In order to understand that there is definitely a problem with the valves, they take a pipe cutter and cut off the filling pipe. The same manipulations are performed with a capacitor filter. In their place, connect a manometric manifold, turn on the supercharger and check the level of air compression. Normally, it is 30 atmospheres.

7 Motor jamming. If, when turned on, the operation of the electric motor is heard, but there is no rotation, and the compressor does not compress, then the resistance of the windings is at maximum.

Procedure for replacing the refrigerator motor-compressor

- Dismantling of the broken compressor.

- Installation of a new compressor.

- Replacement of the drying filter.

- Vacuuming.

- Refueling with freon.

- Tightness of soldering of connections.

As you can see, repairing and replacing an engine in a refrigerator is a task that not every repairman can do. It requires both the availability of special tools and experience, knowledge of the device of a particular refrigeration equipment. An incorrectly installed compressor will fail very quickly, for example, due to increased vibration load. And then costly repairs again can not be avoided.

It is very important when choosing a repair company to make the right choice. Our company employs only highly professional specialists in their field. They are ready to carry out all the necessary complex of repair and diagnostic work so that your refrigerator is back in operation as soon as possible. The main part of the repair work is carried out directly at the client's home. Thus, you don't have to worry about bringing a bulky device to a service center. And it is precisely because of this that almost all refrigerators again begin to please their owners with uninterrupted operation right on the day they contact our company.

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