If you take a look at a Wolf cooktop, well, it will surely make your heart skip a beat, such is the streamlined and sleek design of the cooktop. Coupled with superb performance too. Imagine chocolate melting without scorching or simmering a creamy sauce to perfection. It is this low heat finesse, which makes Wolf appliances stand apart from the others. Dual stacked sealed burners offer a gentle breath of flame. You can turn it into high flame for fast boils and restaurant quality sears.

Moreover, the induction cooker from Wolf comes with great precision, power and efficiency. The cooktop does not heat up, but the cooking appliance does, that too, with perfectly distributed heat and instant temperature control. For instance, if you want to cook fast, you can turn on the induction to very high flames. On the other hand, if you want very low lows, you can do that too. All in all, you can prepare different kinds of dishes, all that on an induction cooktop, which is easy to clean and maintain.

To rev up your kitchen space a little more, you can opt for Brookhaven cabinets. These are the cabinets which can be customized, as per your preferences to seamlessly blend with your kitchen décor. Bottomline - with Wolf appliances and Brookhaven cabinets in your kitchen, you can rediscover the joy of cooking like never before.