Filtering water that is used by your refrigerator to make ice and for you to dispense as drinking water is a step in the right direction and will partially protect your health, but it is not covering all the bases. If you can afford to make a larger investment that will fully protect your health and that of your family, find the best whole house water filter and go with that instead. Almost all varieties of their particular water filters are mentioned to "reduce" an extremely few very basic pollutants. That completely leaves you unprotected for a lot of impurities while leaving lingering microbes with the others. It's easy to think that you have been showering and drinking unpurified water your entire life and you're still healthy, but the contamination in the water supply grows worse every year. You cannot compare what you are showering in today with what you were showering in as a child. The Maytag pure h2o filtration system are not really the way to go in case your target is to entirely purify your home and safeguard well being from standard water contaminants. They might be a step in the right direction if you cannot pay for the ideal whole home standard water filtration, nevertheless gradually protecting all your house is the most effective strategy.