Every family adores and desires to keep their food and ingredients fresh at all times. Chefs know the importance of having their recipes refrigerated at all times. LG offers the best and most durable items for a perfect and modern kitchen. The spacious one and two door LG refrigerator is a perfect complement for a healthy family, offering spacious storage space for all kinds of drinks and perishable kitchen food. LG offers the best and most affordable appliances for a smart cooking space. The rust proof, efficient low energy dishwasher makes it all easy for a home. There is less worry of wasting time in cleaning dishes as the machine does all the work, not forgetting it is noise proof thus cannot disturb the perfect peace of a quiet family. Willing to discard the plastic water tanks in the house due to their unhygienic nature and water is contaminated exposing the whole household to harmful bacteria? The LG water purifier is the excellent replacement. It has a stainless tank that guarantees the water stored is free from contamination and most of all, healthy water for consumption.