The Kenmore appliance brand has been around since 1913. This highly versatile brand is responsible for a wide variety of appliances. Its range includes kitchen appliances such as freezers and refrigerators, and general household appliances such as air conditioners and humidifiers. Buyers regularly acknowledge that Kenmore is one of the top appliance brands on the market. Kenmore is known for the high quality of its appliances, its reliability, and its long standing traditions of creating innovative and user friendly appliances. Buyers who are seeking an appliance that is a cut above the rest should certainly check out Kenmore's Elite line of appliances. This specialty range from Kenmore consists of appliances that are designed for chic homes or high profile commercial buildings. Even outside the Elite range, though, you can rest assured that your Kenmore appliance will perform to the very highest standard. In short, Kenmore is a brand that is associated with quality, style, tradition and longevity.