Take a trip into the world of Bosch Appliances and there are hundreds of different products that are designed to make life easier for the average household. Cookers and microwaves, hobs and dishwashers are just a few of the Bosch Appliances that are available to buy from quality distributors. We opted for an integrated larder fridge and frost-free freezer from the Bosch Appliances collection. Plus we splashed the cash on a gorgeous gas hob and an extractor hob that came from the brilliant Bosch range. Bosch Appliances are very much like De Dietrich products in that respect, both manufacturers provide you with tons of choice. 

Some people might argue that you pay more for De Dietrich or Bosch Appliances but I think this is money well spent. When you compare the cost of Bosch Appliances to other lesser brands there's not that much difference and you know you are investing in premium grade goods. Plus if you are thrifty when you buy Bosch Appliances like we were you can make significant savings on kitchen essentials. We didn't pay full price for Bosch Appliances, we shopped at a site called Appliance Deals 247 and they had a wide range of brand name products at the most brilliant prices. Why pay more for less when you can pay less for more and have a kitchen that's filled with a diverse range of Bosch Appliances?