Bluestar is a high quality appliance company that has been in busuiness since 1880 when the Pritzer-Painter Stoveworks began making a home line of ranges, hot water furnaces and heating stoves, From day one the company focused on quilty over quaintly and has made appliances that stand out from the rest. Handcrafted in the United States, these chef quality ranges are just what your kitchen needs to be the center of your home. They are made using the finest materials and workmanship and are build to last. In addition to ranges and stoves, Bluestar also makes and sells refrigerators and ventilation in order to cover all of your kitchen needs. Bluestar ranges and other products are made from the highest quality restraunt grade steel availble and are customizable in 190 colors in order to match any kitchen's decor. They also use high quality techlogy that includes a 130 degree simmer burner and Ultra Nova 22,000 BTU power.