If you are looking for a new fridge, you should consider Amana refrigerators. This brand offers the top styles on the market today, giving you a choice when it comes to the look you desire in your kitchen. Find out the usual features offered by this company before you buy a new appliance for your home. Amana refrigerators are available in the most common fridge kinds today. The top freezer type has been a mainstay in kitchens for the last few decades, and is still seen in many kitchens these days. It comes in many sizes and colors, and is typically the lowest priced fridge on the market. The side-by-side is another popular choice for any kitchen, offering refrigerated space behind its own door, right next to the freezer. Most side-by-side fridges come with a built-in icemaker and water dispenser so that you do not have to purchase a separate water filter or ice cube trays. Finally, the bottom freezer is another category that Amana refrigerators might come in, featuring a large refrigerated area on top and a pullout drawer on the bottom for frozen foods. Choose between the standard type and the French door style for extra elegance.